Construction Insurance Claims Preparation Support

Our business service is to help you with your construction insurance claim preparation. 

Consider this, you are working on a project, which itself has great demands on your team’s time and business when an event or events occur which is covered by your project insurance. How do you deal with this added stress?

We are consultants with a pragmatic approach to the all too often time-consuming process of substantiating your insurance losses incurred on your project.

Benefits we can add to your business include:

Saving you time in preparing the claim, gathering cost information and the all-important insurance substantiation.

Providing the detailed quantum and analysis which supports your costs and claim – which ultimately enables you to settle your claim quicker.

For larger claims, with this level of detail, it may enable stage payments to be made to help you manage your cashflow.

Insurance Claim Preparation Support:

Keeping the claim simple helps everyone understand, particularly those who have not seen or been involved with the project at the time of the insured event.

The quality of the information you have and are able to provide is critical to justifying the costs involved and maintaining your credibility with the insurers and their experts. It is important you provide the detailed data quickly and accurately – if not, this may impact upon your insurance claim recovery.

Having the detailed information, which we can use to calculate the costs with details of what occurred helps to speed up the claims process.

We fully appreciate that some of this detailed information may be commercially sensitive, we have experience in handling this information to enable your insurance claim settlement.

Does your policy have an insurance claims preparation clause?

This is a policy extension included to provide insurance cover for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of major insurance claims. These major claims involve more detailed investigation by the insurers who appoint the appropriate experts who understand the practices and type of work that has been impacted by the insured event.

These types of clauses are becoming more widespread, but it is important to contact your broker / insurer to discuss this further.


We a professionally qualified staff, who have worked as Quantity Surveyors across a number of construction sectors.  These include:

We are based in Cambridge, with fast broadband offices. Our experience covers projects throughout East Anglia, London & the South East and across the United Kingdom.

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